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WebForms Pro M2 - Form Builder for Magento 2

Magento 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
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Be it a simple sidebar contacts form or 50 questions survey WebForms Pro can handle it with ease.

Contacts Surveys Request for quote Return merchandise authorization Testimonials Inquiries Applications Warranty registration Multi-step forms Pop-up forms Sidebar forms


A quick glance at frontend and backend functions.


Multi-column layout

Design beautiful forms.

WebForms Pro M2 - Multi Column Layout

Our custom form builder supports up to 6 columns of fields in the fieldset and up to 4 columns of fieldsets in the form.

Responsive design

Optimize form layout for 3 common screen types: laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Responsive form

Each form has dedicated parameters section for every screen type.

Conditional logic

Show or hide form elements until customer makes certain choice.

WebForms Pro M2 conditional logic

Multi-step forms

Break large forms into logical steps.

WebForms Pro M2 multi step forms

Add conditional logic to skip certain steps or show additional input page.

Pop-up forms

Place button to bring up the form when its required.

WebForms Pro M2 button with popup

Pre-filled forms

Set initial data in the form.

Prefill customer data
  • Pre-fill forms with current logged in customer data (name, email, address).
  • Use URL parameters to set field values. Example:
  • Use Hidden fields to store current product or category details.

Multi-language forms

Create forms in multiple languages.

Multi-language english
Multi-language japanese
Multi-language configuration

Every form parameter and every element is fully translatable.

File uploads

Allow customers upload thier files.

File upload dropzone
  • Use dropzone to upload multiple files at once
  • Limit allowed file types (for example: jpeg, gif, png)
  • Limit maximum uploaded file size
File upload admin grid
  • Browse files from admin panel
  • Resize large images on upload
  • Attach files to admin notifications
  • Files are stored securely (only allowed person can download them)

Form validation

Validate customer input.

Form validation
  • Use built-in validation to validate required fields
  • Use custom regular expressions to set specific validation rules
  • Use unique validation to check field against already submitted values (for example serial number registration)

Email notifications

Send custom notifications after submission.

Customer notification

Customer notification

Send customizable email notification or auto-reply to customer email address after submission.

Approval status notification

Approval status notification

Change the approval status of the submission and send customizable notification to customer email address.

Admin notification

Admin notification

Send custom admin notification to admin email address. Add bcc configuration to receive email copy to specified address.

Conditional notification

Conditional notification

Send email notification to email address selected by customer. This can be a department selection or subject related notification.

Result management

Manage submissions from the backend.

Result management grid

All submission data is stored in the database and you can perform all common operations from admin panel data grid:

  • Filter data
  • Create new submissions from backend
  • Edit / Delete submission
  • Approve submissions
  • Export to CSV / XML
  • Send e-mail notifications
  • Reply to submission
  • Generate PDF document

Approval system

Review submission results.

Approval system
  • Use approval system to assign status to customer submission.
  • Configure gets email notification regarding new submission status.

Reply to submissions

Reply to customer submission from the admin panel.

  • Create quick responses to quickly answer typical requests.
  • Allow customer to view admin response in his dashboard area.
Reply to submission

Print results

Generate customizable PDF file from the submission data.

Export to PDF
  • Attach a printable version of submission PDF to admin or customer notifications.
  • Specify custom PDF templates to be used for customer or administrator.
  • Send PDFs on submission approval status change.

Permission system

Regulate forms access.

Admin role access

Admin permissions

Assign administrator role to access specific forms or the whole form management section.

Customer access

Customer permissions

Limit customer group access to selected forms. Specify which actions they can perform with their submissions: view, edit, delete, print.

Publish submissions

Display submission data in the frontend.

  • Publish collected data on CMS page of your choice.
  • Use approval system to regulate which submissions you wish to publish.
Publish submissions



Form Export / Import

Transfer forms from one Magento installation to another using Export / Import functionality. Create form templates for your projects.


Spam protection

Protect your forms from spam submission by adding Google reCaptcha to your forms.


Easy installation

You have 2 options to install the plugin:

  • Use sFTP program to copy files from zip archive to your server
  • Use Composer to install package from our private repository

Easy integration

  • Use “Insert Widget” button to add form to any CMS page.
  • Use Content > Blocks section to add form to multiple site areas
  • Use XML code to add form through layout file
  • Use PHP code to insert form in phtml template

GDPR compliant

Our plugin meets all legal requirements and completely supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Add agreement text with checkbox and define personal data cleanup schedule for every form.


100% open source

The plugin comes 100% in open code and doesn’t have any encoded or obfuscated files.


Some words from real customers.

I found this extension a few months back when we were migrating our website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and what an amazing extension it is!
I've never encountered such a straightforward, powerful and easy to use way of creating custom forms for Magento 2. Such a time saver and a really flexible extension.
I have to take time to praise the amazing support Vladimir provides and I only wish other developers were so quick to respond with solutions and advice.
If you want a great Webform for your site don't hesitate, just buy this extension and you won't regret it!
I randomly encountered this module on google. At first I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true.
Once I used it I was blown away by the work MageMe has put into make it robust and useful for any scenario you could throw at it.
Couple that with a reasonable price + no reoccurring charge like most form companies, its a huge asset to any project going forward as it completely cuts any development time associated with forms.
Have even used it to do a SalesForce integration!
Thanks again!
The forms are absolutely beautiful!
The flexibility of the extension is awesome.
The conditional logic, array of field types and possibilities for customization is incredible.
Generation of a PDF is a requirement, and it's met by this extension!
Vladimir provides excellent support quickly, with both advice and answers.


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